Decriminalization for Marijuana in Tampa

Multiple media outlets reported on The Tampa City Council’s recent plan to begin decriminalization for marijuana amounts under 20 grams. Pot possession in Tampa may soon just be a civil ticket rather than a first degree misdemeanor punishable by up to a year in jail, a $1000 fine and a possible Drivers license revocation as it currently is under state law.  This mdecriminalization for marijuanaay mean that my clients here in Pinellas County will be still subject to arrest and criminal charges for the same behavior that is just punishable by a $75  fine in Hillsborough County.

This local plan to reduce marijuana from a criminal charge is very interesting and seems to be happening in various other Jurisdiction’s – like Tallahassee and Dade County.  It remains to be seen if the Florida legislature will follow the same path of decriminalization.  

See this Tampa Bay Times article for more details :

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