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Challenging the Results of a Field Sobriety Test

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The Field Sobriety Tests (FST) most commonly used in Pinellas County are: heel to toe, one leg balance and horizontal gaze nystagmus. All three of these FST’s are usually given. There are also additional optional field sobriety tests that can be given including reciting the alphabet and the finger to nose test. There is a large proportion of the general population that cannot perform well on a FST. I personally perform poorly on these FST’s that I do in demonstrations every day.

Field sobriety tests typically will be given at roadside immediately after a traffic stop. Under some circumstances the field sobriety tests may be given again at central booking. These tests should be recorded on video for future playback for evidentiary purposes. Most law enforcement agencies in Pinellas County, other than the Florida Highway Patrol use a video recording system.

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A FST is recorded on a form that the officer fills out for scoring purposes. As part of the total evaluation of evidence in a FST case, a video can be a useful tool to show differences between what actually happened in a FST and what the officer wrote down. It is important to know that many of these FST cases can be argued favorably for the defendant.

A FST video is better evidence than the written form that an officer fills out. A video does not exaggerate or shade what actually happened during an FST. The ability to perform an FST is not the overall determining factor in a DUI conviction. Other items that are important to your FST case include how you act, look or what you say during the FST. I evaluate all aspects of your case, including what facts make you look impaired or sober.

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