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Does your stomach sink each time you fill out an application because you know you will have to answer questions concerning criminal convictions? At Law Offices of Thomas G. Tripp, we help you lessen the negative repercussions of having a criminal record. We are dedicated advocates with the skills necessary to assist you in building a future free of the stigma that comes with having committed a crime.

For 30 years, Law Offices of Thomas G. Tripp has helped hundreds of clients get criminal convictions expunged from their records. We have a thorough understanding of Florida criminal laws and the inner workings of local, state and federal area courts. We use our knowledge of the criminal justice system to your advantage, and we diligently work for you.

What does expunging a record do?

A criminal conviction is permanently erased when a record is expunged. If you were convicted of a crime but have since had your record expunged, even the physical records of your conviction are destroyed. You are allowed to say you were not arrested, charged or accused of committing a crime. That said, you should speak to a lawyer if your record was expunged, and you are considering applying for a professional license or running for office. Some rules still require you to disclose such information.

Eligibility for expungement

Certain circumstances must exist in order for your case to even be considered for expungement. Grounds to have a conviction expunged vary on a state-by-state basis, but you may be able to have your record destroyed if:

  • The charges against you have been dismissed.
  • You were acquitted or found not guilty.
  • You were a juvenile at the time.

Many states have waiting period requirements that do not allow you to petition for an expungement until a certain period of time has passed. Other states will only expunge a first offense from your record.

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Do not let a lapse in judgment or a wrong act have a negative impact on your future health and happiness. Contact Law Offices of Thomas G. Tripp to discuss having your record expunged. Call us at 727.544.8819or contact us online to schedule a free phone consultation on your expungement issue.

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