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If you are found guilty of committing a probation violation, a judge has the power to sentence you to the maximum penalty allowed for the original crime for which you were convicted. At the Law Office of Thomas G. Tripp, I understand the complexities of probation violation defense and have the skill and experience to help my clients work toward achieving a favorable result in their cases.

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If you are on probation, you must adhere to the conditions of your probation or face serious criminal consequences. If you violate your probation, your probation officer will report you to the court, and you may be arrested and placed in county jail pending the results of a probation violation hearing. At this point, a judge may or may not set a bond for your release.

At the Law Office of Thomas G. Tripp, I will put my 25 years of criminal defense experience to work to defend you against charges of probation violation. Whether your alleged violation was due to a DUI arrest, sex offense or a violation of probation rules, there are legal strategies that can help you deal with your violation and put these charges behind you.

Please note: Our statutes page is a good source of additional information about Florida probation violation laws. Take action today by equipping yourself with the information you need.

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If you are facing a probation violation, I can provide experienced representation. You can contact me online or by phone at 727-544-8819. My law office is conveniently located in Pinellas Park, Florida. I offer all clients free initial telephone consultations.

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