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The Law Offices of Thomas G. Tripp in Clearwater and St. Petersburg, Florida, serves clients in need of illegal search and seizure criminal defense services. I am an experienced, effective and tough criminal defense attorney who practices in the communities of St. Petersburg, Clearwater and Pinellas Park.

Most criminal court cases involve some aspect of search and seizure of evidence from either the person charged or other persons, that is ultimately used in court by the prosecution. All of these issues need to be examined by an experienced defense attorney.

Evidence can be legally seized with a warrant or under constitutional exceptions to the warrant requirement such as consent to a search, or a search related to probable cause, reasonable suspicion or a search incident to an arrest. The evidence seized could be drugs, the statement of a person who is being charged, physical evidence, video evidence or evidence that may have been illegally obtained.

Your defense attorney’s job is to examine the evidence that could be used against his or her client and whether or not evidence could be excluded by a motion to suppress. Sometimes just suggesting the filing of a motion to suppress, and raising issues of illegal search and seizure to the prosecutor’s office, can lead to more favorable outcome in plea-negotiating or perhaps reducing your charges.

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St Petersburg Search and Seizure Law Attorney

In criminal cases, I will analyze probable cause issues and the reasonableness of the stop of a vehicle or person. I will also investigate the circumstances of how the law enforcement officer came in contact with the person who was arrested and/or charged. How the person or vehicle ended up being searched is also part of the analysis that will be conducted in your case.

In a drug case, was the person pulled over lawfully, and was the search conducted relative to driver consent? If the item seized was in the vehicle, was it included within the scope of the consent? If the person arrested made a statement to police, was it after the person was advised of his or her right to remain silent and have legal counsel during questioning? I analyze whether he or she voluntarily waived those rights.

Juveniles often don’t understand their legal rights. A parent might not be with the juvenile when they are questioned, and a confession or consent obtained without legal counsel may result in charges not being pressed or dismissed. Juveniles as well as some adults, may have a lack of sophistication and confusion over what their rights are, and as a result, their rights may be infringed on by law enforcement.

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