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Sex offense charges not only carry severe criminal penalties, but they can also have a devastating effect on your reputation, your job prospects, and even where you are allowed to live. At the Law Office of Thomas G. Tripp, I provide my clients with experienced and discreet criminal defense representation. I will tirelessly try to save your good reputation and ensure that you have the opportunity to achieve a favorable result.

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A Sex Crime Arrest Can Ruin Your Life – However It Doesn’t Have To

At the Law Office of Thomas G. Tripp, I understand the severity of sex crime charges and I provide my clients with the experienced and attentive criminal defense representation that these cases require. Being labeled a sexual offender can have enormous impact on your life. A conviction on a sex offense can result in negative consequences such as:

  • Prohibiting you from working in many professions
  • Prohibiting you from living where you want to
  • Forcing you to register on a sex offender list
  • Forcing you to register in a DNA database
  • Forcing you to serve significant time in prison
  • Loss of current and future employment

I have represented people for 25 years in these types of cases. A competent, creative legal strategy gives you the best opportunity to keep your good reputation intact.

Please note: Our statutes page is a good source of additional information about Florida sex offense laws.

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If you have been arrested for solicitation for prostitution, exposure, or lewd and lascivious behavior, sexual battery or any other sex offense, I can help analyze your case and develop a legal strategy to resolve this important matter. You can contact me online or by phone at 727-544-8819. My law office is conveniently located in Pinellas Park, Florida. I offer all clients free initial telephone consultations.

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