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The statute of limitations provides that after a certain amount of time, your Florida or out of state warrant and even the criminal charge that it is based on may be invalid and may provide you with a complete defense. The question is, does the statute of limitations apply to your warrant and could the warrant and case possibly be dismissed? Another issue is whether the issuing officer or witnesses may not be available which might create weaknesses in the state’s case that an experienced attorney could point out.

You need a local defense lawyer who can appear in front of court having jurisdiction over your warrant to try and obtain the best possible result, given your facts and circumstances.

St Petersburg Outstanding Warrant Attorney

The Department of Homeland Security, local police and state agencies have opened up their computer systems to each other. Persons with active Florida warrants who have lived without problems for many years are now being detained while going on cruises, attempting to take air flights or applying for government benefits. These new communication methods and heightened security have increased the number of older warrants that are coming to the attention of law enforcement.

For example, social security benefits may be denied for individuals that have even minor outstanding warrants. I have found that there are people who have lived under the cloud of a Florida warrant and have finally reached the point of wanting to resolve this situation. I will help you resolve your warrant issues so that you can move forward in life knowing that your freedom is secure.

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